Eslhílhkw'iws Chet
Census Data Summary

What do you wish you could do more of to improve your health and wellness?

Response OptionTotal
Exercising more67.35%
Sleeping more50.47%
Getting out on the land and water more49.77%
Eating healthier food49.5%
Spending more time with family and friends40.6%
Gathering and/or eating more traditional foods38.73%
Participating in more cultural events and activities36.78%
Accessing mental health services34.1%
Speaking my language29.84%
Accessing spiritual care29.62%
Healthy relationships (at home and work)25.5%
Drinking less alcohol13.55%
Accessing services from a family doctor or nurse practitioner12.68%
Quitting or reducing smoking12.26%
I don't need to improve my health and wellness8.95%
Accessing substance use services2.29%
Prefer not to say-