Eslhílhkw'iws Chet
Census Data Summary

What are the reasons that you are not currently able to live in your ideal housing?

Response OptionTotal
Ideal places are too expensive for my budget50.52%
When ideal places become available, they get rented or sold right away20.86%
I am completely satisfied with my current housing situation20.07%
Ideal places are not available to rent (e.g. I want to rent but there are no rentals of that housing type)17.96%
Another reason (please explain):15.19%
There are no ideal places where I want to live11.66%
Not applicable8.64%
I require specialized housing (e.g. fixtures or access requirements due to health or disability limitations)3.55%
Ideal places are not close to the services I need (e.g. health clinic)3.12%