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Census Data Summary

Do you have a health care provider you can see regularly for the following needs?

Routine health matters (family doctor or nurse practitioner)

Response OptionTotal
No, but I am interested24.44%
No, and I am not interested5.3%

Traditional healing and wellness

Response OptionTotal
No, but I am interested58.5%
No, and I am not interested13.18%

Mental health and wellness

Response OptionTotal
No, but I am interested40.72%
No, and I am not interested19.92%

Substance use

Response OptionTotal
No, but I am interested13.69%
No, and I am not interested72.45%

Oral health (dentist)

Response OptionTotal
No, but I am interested17.3%
No, and I am not interested5.74%

Naturopathic medicine

Response OptionTotal
No, but I am interested48.57%
No, and I am not interested28.75%