Eslhílhkw'iws Chet
Census Data Summary

Are there any difficulties or challenges that you anticipate could prevent you from going back to school?

Response OptionTotal
Cannot afford living expenses50.75%
Cannot afford tuition and books35.04%
Too busy or no time to study32.03%
Other personal or family responsibilities28.7%
Lack of confidence (i.e. do not feel prepared)27.34%
Do not have the prerequisites13.63%
I don't anticipate difficulties or challenges9.23%
Concerns about racism or discrimination8.8%
Challenging to be away from home (e.g. homesick)8.12%
Not enough educational supports7.62%
Not a priority or not sure it is worth it7.05%
Courses or training available do not match needs or interests6.78%
Illness or disability6.66%
Lack of universities near me5.91%
Other (please specify)4.92%